W.O.W.(Word of the Week): DESSERT

HI everybody! Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog Word of the Week!  Thanks so much for watching and for all the great coments on last week's gratitude video.  I heard from so many of you who started gratitude journals and I think that's awesome.  This week's word is dessert....


Happy Healthy Being Blog W.O.W(Word of the Week): Gratitude

HI everybody, Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog Word of the Week! This week the word is Gratitude.

Happy Healthy Being Blog W.O.W (word of the week): authentic

Hi Everbody! Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog Word of the Week! Last week's word was perfection. 
We talked about celebrating everybody's perfect imperfections.  This week, my word is authentic.  The reason the word of the week is authentic is because last week,

This weekend I had the privilege of being at a training with Brendon Burchard in California.  I met the most incredible people from all over the globe.  People who are working to get their message out to the world.  I met a beautiful woman from Iran,  Maral.  She speaks to the world that we need to end wars.  I met a wonderful couple from Ottawa Canada, Vladimir and Carlentz.  He is a relationship expert and has a program to help couples have the best relationship possible.  His wife is going to be teaching women how to bring the joy back to cooking.  I met Chris, a martial artist who studied with one of Bruce Lee's students.  He now has written books and teaches martial arts in the style of Bruce Lee.  Chris' Jeet Kune Do is an organization dedicated to perpetuating the search for martial truth that Bruce Lee began in his lifetime.  What a gift to meet such gifted people and hear their stories.  Then on the plane,  I met Ana Lisa.  What a spirit!  She is a mom to 8, has goats, and chickens, and works with clients as a BodyTalk practitioner.  (And she finds time to exercise every morning!)  She was returning from a training herself.  It made my hair stand on end when she told me her story. The universe sure works in mysterious ways and I truly believe there are no accidents.  I am familiar with BodyTalk, and we knew some of the same people.  I really feel that I have made connections this weekend that will form lifelong friendships.