W.O.W.(Word of the Week):  FLUSH

HI ! Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog word of the week!
Thanks for watching again this week. This week’s word is FLUSH. This week, I want to
talk about a concept that I learned several years ago listening to the gifted teacher and healer, Iyanla VanZant.

One day I was in a book store, and i bought a cassette tape, yes it was that long ago, of Iyanla VanZant called “Back to Basics”. I have listened to that program over and over through the years.... it was entertaining, laugh out loud funny, and so inspiring. One of the basic concepts she talked about was FLUSHING. It’s about making room in your life for the things, activities and people who add value and support and service to you.
It’s a little hard for a lot of people to embrace FLUSHING because we are people pleasers. We do things that aren’t always in our best interest in an effort to help someone else. WE don’t say NO often enough. One of my coaches this week, gently let me know that I need to practice saying NO more. Saying NO to those things that really don’t serve us, makes room for the big YES’es that will better our lives in unknown ways. Think about it like this, we clean out our closets to make room for new clothes that better suit us. They are a better fit, a newer style, and make us feel better about ourselves. We need to let go of the stuff, the activities,
responsibilities, even the jobs that don’t allow us to feel good about ourselves. Those things that add undue stress, anxiety, and just make us feel bad. Iyanla says: “Take time to flush your life out. Check in on your mind and see those ideas and thoughts and beliefs and issues and habits that you may still be holding on to that you know don’t apply to you anymore.” And then there’s the people. We need to go through our address book and FLUSH those people that don’t belong there anymore. WHen’s the last time you looked at your address book? or your list of FB friends??? There’s some people that just don’t belong there. THey no longer serve you, maybe they never did. But we worry about letting them go, don’t we?? What will they think, what will everyone else think? But honestly,, I’ve flushed people from my life that don’t even know they’ve been flushed! They didn’t care about me anyway! there’s an Iyanla quote that I love, “If you let go of what’s not for you, youre only making room for what is for you.” Let’s think about our own greater good this week. Let’s be a little selfish. Because in the long run, if we surround
ourselves with the things, activities, and people that make us our best selves, we’ll have so
much more of ourselves to share. Thanks for watching and please leave a comment and let
me know what you’re flushing! If you like this video, sign up at my website, barbaracookson.com and I’ll let you know when I’ve posted a new one! BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY and enjoy your week!!!!! 


0 #2 peter 2013-11-06 03:01
Yay Barb!
0 #1 Amy 2013-11-04 10:17
W.o.w is right. Your message was timely. Thank you. I'll replay it all week.
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