W.O.W.(Word of the Week): BEING

Hi!  Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog word of the week! This week’s word is BEING.  Honestly, every week I wonder what’s gonna be my word of the week? and seriously, I don’t have to worry, because they just become obvious.  They find me! This week, I saw a client who has recently retired.  She was telling me how everyone she sees asks her “So what are you DOING?”

As if she has to be DOING something.  She told me, “I tell them I”M just BEING”.  YAY! I think we should all take a lesson from her.  Especially at this time of year, holidays are approaching, it seems faster every year.  We are all in a hurry and a panic to be DOING something.  And DOING not just one thing, but multiple things and all at once, and of course, pressuring ourselves to do them all perfectly.  Yeah, you know who you are, the one with the perfectly clean house, the perfectly coiffed hair, doing the housework, the day job, taking care of kids, spouses, after school activities, helping with homework, running errands, helping everyone who may need a little help..on and on.  STOP! Hold the Phone! Sometimes we need to take time from DOING for just BEING. Be with yourself.  Be with your family and friends. BE with the dog! JUST BE. no agendas, no “to-do’s” Just enjoy the moment.  Let time pass for a time, and just feel it.  Those that know me know I’ve always been a little, shall we say, busy? I try to do it all. every minute.  My dad used to say, Babe, you can do ANTHING, but you don’t have to do EVERYTHING.  Yup. that’s a quotable. He had a bunch of ‘em.  Actually, this last few months, I’ve been especially guilty. go, go , go, do, do, do….WEll, you get the point….. lets have fun, lets just BE! this week, let’s give ourselves the gift of being without the responsibility of doing. We can’t do it all anyway, so lets just celebrate our BEING-NESS! Enjoy the moments! Leave the TO-DO’s for tomorrow. They’re not going anywhere. If you liked this video, go to my website, Barbaracookson.com and sign up for my video newsletter and I’ll send you some free tips to help you get happier and healthier today.  Leave a comment here to let me know what your thoughts.  Be Happy, Be Healthy and enjoy your week! 


0 #1 budd 2013-11-19 12:46
Great wow, whether you are retired or in the work place to *ke the time to enjoy the moment is the most impor*nt thing a person can do. Enjoying just being yourself, enjoying were you are and what your doing. Life is truly won*rful, thanks for pointing me in that direction. :-)))
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