W.O.W.(Word of the Week): Forgive

Hi. Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog word of the week. This week’s word is forgive. I want to talk about forgiveness because it’s Thanksgiving week and forgiveness can make the holidays a lot happier. Holidays are a very stressful time for a lot of people. THere’s so much to do, so many deadlines and lots of self imposed obligations that add to our already busy schedules. And because the holidays are really a family time,

it’s a time when old family issues can arise that seem to add to our trepidation. Have you or someone you know ever had a family situation occur that left you feeling like a victim? Have you felt betrayed or mistreated or hurt or left out and held on to that feeling like a badge of honor not wanting to let it go? Holding old hurts only hurts the holder. Sometimes we hold onto old stuff so long, we can’t even remember why we have certain resentments. Grudges and resentments are destructive to your highest self. As humans, we experience such a range of emotions, from the most extreme joy to paralyzing fear and everything in between. When we allow the toxic energies of resentment and anger to stay stored in our bodies, it doesn’t leave us much room for the joy and excitement and fun we could be having especially at this time of year. If you don’t think negative emotions get stored in the body, have you ever felt those knots in your stomach when you run into someone that has wronged you? You instantly want to hide, or feel shaky, or maybe even sick? Think about letting go of the negative energies that may have taken up residence with you. Consciously release them into the universe. Or if it works better for you, throw them down the garbage disposal. There is nothing more empowering than taking command of your own existence and allowing forgiveness to enter your being. Set yourself free. Louise Hay says “Forgiveness of ourselves and others releases us from the past.” The course in Miracles says over and over that forgiveness is the answer to almost everything. I have to share what Marianne Williamson says about forgiveness: Forgiveness releases the past to divine correction and the future to new possibilities. Whatever it was that happened to you, it is over. It happened in the past; in the present, it does not exist unless you bring it with you. Nothing anyone has ever done to you has permanent effects, unless you hold on to it permanently. so try this: if you have something to forgive, find a quiet place and sit for a few minutes with yourself. Ask yourself if holding on to whatever it is is detrimental to your happiness. If the answer if yes, choose to release it for your greater good. and then forgive yourself for keeping it bottled up. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter about anyone else involved. We are the creators of our own lives. Create one filled with joy and calm and peace. Please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts and go to my website, barbaracookson.com to subscribe. Be Happy, Be Healthy, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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