W.O.W.(Word of the Week): CHILLAX!! 

Dec. 8th, 2013
Hi! Barbara Cookson here with the Happy Healthy Being Blog Word of the Week!  This week’s word is CHILLAX!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! and yes, it’s a real word, I looked it up.  It’s a combination of Chill and Relax.  The dictionary says it was a word established in the early 21st century. I’ve got to read you the URBAN DICTIONARY entry for CHILLAX:
"When the two words 'chill' and 'relax' were combined a word was created: 'chillax'; a conjunction that, when used solely and didactically, can change the general mood or atmosphere of an entire room of people. 'Chillax' by itself is a powerful word, but is nothing in comparison to the sentence that was coined soon after: 'chillax to the MAX'. This sentence should be used with care as it has the power to COMPLETELY relax a room full of people.” 
Well, we’re just about 2 weeks to Christmas and everyone starts going bananas!!!!! OH MY GOSH! I’m never gonna be ready! I’ve got so much to do!!!!!  Shopping, wrapping, shipping, cooking, cleaning, planning, entertaining, decorating..and that’s on top of all the “normal” stuff like the job, the housework, kids, yada yada.  on and on and on.  Every year, it’s the same thing.  we stress ourselves out completely over stuff we’ve got absolutely no control over.  Christmas falls in the middle of the week this year, which only makes it worse! Most of us have to work up to the day, and go back the day after, so we stress about when we’re ever going to have time to get READY!  Then there’s all that guilt that starts to set in….. we try to be healthy with our eating and exercise going into the holidays and then it all goes to hell. we’re surrounded with goodies! fudge, cookies, treats, egg nogg, hot mulled cider and parties every available evening from now right through the new year! UGH! Well, I’m just like everyone else and stress out a little every year about all of these things.  This year I think we should all declare for 2013 a GUILT FREE HOLIDAY! Let’s just enjoy the next couple of weeks and not worry about all that stuff that causes us so much stress every year.  WE make it so hard on ourselves. When did we stop enjoying the process? Getting together and visiting and having fun? just CHILLAX! Let’s stop with the hurrying and hustle and bustle.  SLOW DOWN! Enjoy it! And for gods’ sake, eat the goodies and enjoy them with no guilt! It’s part of the holiday! I’m not saying to pig out on pounds of fudge and wash it down with a bazillion calories of egg nogg…. but good grief, don’t deprive yourself of your favorite goodies out of self imposed guilt.  Most of those goodies around were made with love by people we love and shared with love!!!! So feel the love!  ENJOY them. and then get thee to the gym on Jan. 2nd. :o) J.K.  slow down, breathe and enjoy each other.  I myself am planning a “jammie day” all to myself, with fuzzy slippers, Dean Martin’s Christmas album, and baking cookies. which I haven’t done in years.  I’m even making some christmas gifts like i did 20 years ago.  So CHILLAX TO THE MAX, people!!!!!  If you like this video leave me a comment and let me know.  Share it with your friends and family and  please SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking the button.  Be happy, be healthy, and enjoy your week!!!!!
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