Christmas W.O.W. (Word of the Week): Compassion

Dec. 22, 2013

HI! Barbara Cookson here with the happy healthy being blog word of the week! This week I have  two words.  It’s the week of Christmas and I couldn’t decide between these words so we’ve got two for one! The first word is compassion and the second is love.  I’ve had another AHA moment this week.  I’ve been noticing the energy lately

of peoples moods.  It feels like at Christmas time there’s this gravity like force affecting peoples emotions.  I call it the “magnification phenomenon”.   I know it sounds crazy, but think about it, people who are anxious feel more anxious.  People who are angry feel more angry.  People who are sad sometimes get very depressed and those happy people seem over the top excited.  It’s a strange occurrence that happens every year.  Even though our emotions are a choice, it’s very hard to control them at this time of the year.  But I started thinking about the power in choosing the right emotions and taking advantage of the “magnification phenomenon”.

What if we all consciously tried to be more compassionate with those around us.  When we encounter a difficult personality, say a cranky sales clerk, or angry shopper, instead of reacting in kind, let’s choose to show compassion.  There is truly a ripple effect to the energy we put out there.  For example, last night I went to the theatre with my sister and when we left to walk back to our car, there was a man  who actually stopped his car and got out in the street to scream at a driver that he thought had cut him off.  Everyone on the street was affected.  You could feel the negativity 

from all the way across the street. It’s toxic.  We never know what another human being is dealing with in his or her life.  We don’t know why they might be negative, or nasty or just unpleasant.  But meeting that with more unpleasantness is just downright counter productive.  What if we responded with compassion? In theory, wouldn’t that emotion be magnified too? What if everyone expressed compassion with one another instead of frustration?  And Love is the most powerful emotion of all. What if we could magnify that? So let’s try an experiment….. spread just a little love this week, especially to someone who really needs it.  I’m betting it will come back ten fold. Here’s wishing you a Christmas filled with Love and joy and happiness magnified a thousand times. Happy Holidays! <3

+1 #2 Lance 2014-01-01 17:35
Spot on, Barbara! I'm one of those "Happy People" that goes over-the-top cer*in times of the year to the point of what I call "Obnoxiously Happy," which can have negative consequences when I don't pick up on the general attitu*(s) and emotion(s) of those around me. Regardless, as a happy morning person (which can drive any non-morning person crazy) having the opportunity to throw my energies into early morning workouts up to 7 days a week has had a huge benefit for me, my health, and my professional work product. So a big thanks to you, Barbara, for being a lea*r to so many in the gym! As Rodney s**d, "thanks for the strength to push a little har*r when I wan*d to stop."

At the end of the day, you are very much apprecia*d.

+1 #1 Rodney 2013-12-22 17:42
And u have done it again. Another word to live by. Please let me *ke this time to thank u all of it hard work and wisdom. My mission for the past few years has been to be as healthy as possible and right now I feel healthier and happier in my entire life THANKS to u.THANKS seem such a *all word compared to all u have done for me and others. So thanks for giving me the strength to continue to go to the gym regularly. Thanks for the strength a push a little har*r when I wan*d to stop. And thanks for it wisdom to eat healthier food and not bake so many cookies. :-) and thanks for it wow to live by. :-)))
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