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The human body has an innate wisdom and knowledge for healing. With the art of massage therapy, Barbara helps you to bring your body back to a place where it remembers this wisdom and can begin the process of healing itself.

Wellness massage as practiced by Barbara is a unique approach that treats every person individually, incorporating but not limited to, stretching, thai massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage and myofascial release.

Barbara has studied many forms of energy medicine, including Pranic Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch and Reiki.

She uses aromatherapy and is a certified Aromatouch therapist with DoTerra CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils. This technique is combined with massage for a stress relieving, body balancing session that you will not want to miss. It is absolutely the best session for anyone dealing with excessive stress.

Barbara's tranquil massage studio is conveniently located in the East-West Industrial park in Brewer, Maine, at the Brewer Business Center, 17 Doughty Drive, Suite 208. CLICK HERE for directions.

Rates are $83/hr or $115/ 90 minutes   SCHEDULE NOW


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In 2010 I had major surgery on my right leg. The surgery was successful, but some of the immediate and lingering after-effects were pain and swelling. Immediately post-surgical I began looking for a massage therapist to help me control the swelling and pain. I went to see Barb for my first massage. My leg was dusky and swollen. When I left, it was pink and I could see the veins in my foot. Amazing. For the next 3 years Barb and I have continued this routine - almost every week. She has shown me how to self massage daily.

I recently had my circulation re-Dopplered at EMMC. They were impressed - and so was I. Barb's positive attitude and very knowledgeable skill have turned a potentially serious outcome into a manageable condition.

Thank you, Barb.


-Lib Liberatore, DMD